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eric cahan: sky series

eric cahan: sky series

'sea cliff san francisco', CA at sunrise - 6:57am
part of the 'sky series' by eric cahan

new york-based photographer eric cahan has added to his ongoing visual series entitled 'sky series'. the work depicts the natural
polychromatic phenomenon of sunrises and sunsets, each piece carefully recording time and location - allowing the audience to
fully appreciate the moment, and memory, captured. the beguiling horizons are only minimally retouched by photoshop,
where the main process is completed with colored resin filters that cahan created himself to place in front of the lens.
requiring a fair bit of skill, the type of filter is chosen carefully to achieve the desired result and the 'sky series' represents
where this technique works best - during sunrise and sunset.

'fort pond bay, montauk,' NY
sunset - 8:10pm

'bridgehampton', NY
sunset - 7:48pm

'two mile hallow', NY

sunset - 7:22pm

'el carmen', costa rica
sunset - 5:34pm

'sagaponack', NY

sunrise - 6:20am

'georgica beach', NY

sunrise - 6:18am

'gardiners bay', NY
sunrise - 6:27am

'stinson beach', CA
sunset - 6:34pm

a video version of the work
video courtesy of the artist

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