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drawing with wire by david moreno

drawing with wire by david moreno

david moreno draws with wire to create a series of sculptures

spanish artist david moreno has conceived a series of surreal wire sculptures, pieces that are an outcome of exploring the concept
of 'drawing with wire'. the work is created from arranging multiple lengths of the sinewy material, manipulated and hatched in a
way to build an image. the sculptures represent chairs, homes and people - referencing the artist's own exploration of selfhood,
identity and displacement.

the work is fabricated by arranging multiple lengths of the material into a 3D illustration

a house fabricated from wire

a surreal chair and house reference the artist's exploration of identity

a man formed from cross-hatching the material

a 3D chair fabricated in a corner

a suitcase ajar allows a volume of space to create the sculpture

designboom has received this project from our 'DIY submissions'  feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication.
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eric cahan: sky series

eric cahan: sky series

'sea cliff san francisco', CA at sunrise - 6:57am
part of the 'sky series' by eric cahan

new york-based photographer eric cahan has added to his ongoing visual series entitled 'sky series'. the work depicts the natural
polychromatic phenomenon of sunrises and sunsets, each piece carefully recording time and location - allowing the audience to
fully appreciate the moment, and memory, captured. the beguiling horizons are only minimally retouched by photoshop,
where the main process is completed with colored resin filters that cahan created himself to place in front of the lens.
requiring a fair bit of skill, the type of filter is chosen carefully to achieve the desired result and the 'sky series' represents
where this technique works best - during sunrise and sunset.

'fort pond bay, montauk,' NY
sunset - 8:10pm

'bridgehampton', NY
sunset - 7:48pm

'two mile hallow', NY

sunset - 7:22pm

'el carmen', costa rica
sunset - 5:34pm

'sagaponack', NY

sunrise - 6:20am

'georgica beach', NY

sunrise - 6:18am

'gardiners bay', NY
sunrise - 6:27am

'stinson beach', CA
sunset - 6:34pm

a video version of the work
video courtesy of the artist

peter lindbergh: known and the unknown

peter lindbergh: known and the unknown

'linda spierings and tatjana patitz' by peter lindbergh
le touquet, france, 1986
image © peter lindbergh

galleria carla sozzani presents 'known and 'the unknown'' - an exhibition of renowned german fashion photographer peter lindbergh.
on show until the 4th of november, 2012, the retrospective presents a two series of lindbergh's work. the combination is an in depth
insight into a master celebrated for capturing the organic essence of fashion heavyweights.

the first section, 'known - images of women', is a compilation of forty images shot for magazines such as vogue, interview, allure,
harper's bizarre and marie claire. well-known for the intimate portraits of the beautiful women he photographs -
such as naomi campbell, linda evangelist, milla jojovich, kristen mcmenamy, kate moss and catherine deneuve -
the series articulates the spirit of the artist's creative influence within the fashion world.

'the unknown' section of the presentation, contrarily, represents a personal project articulating the visual journey informed by
lindenbergh's recent movie series 'invasion'. the film depicts - in no chronological order - a classic narrative mixing hollywood glamour, 
science fiction and cinematic elements of the german filmmaker fritz lang. through this work - with milla jovovich as the main protagonist -
lindbergh offers a fragment of daily life, full of uncertainty and the shared unpredictable events inevitably entwined.

though two separate projects, lindbergh manages to consistently exercise his skill in encapsulating the natural attitude of the
female identity - all without the artificial intervention of special props or photo manipulation - to holistically represent his subject and intent.

'fred ward and guinevere van seenus'
el mirage, california, 2000
image © peter lindbergh

'debbie lee carrington and helena christensen'
el Mirage, california, 1990
image © peter lindbergh

'angela lindvall and chris dye'
warner bros. studios, burbank, 2004
image © peter lindbergh

'kate moss'
new york, 1994
image © peter lindbergh

'erin wasson'
paramount studios, hollywood, 2002
image © peter lindbergh

'milla jovovich and karen elson'
los angeles, 2000
image © peter lindbergh

view of the exhibition at galleria carla sozzani
image © designboom

image © designboom

image © designboom

peter lindbergh
portrait © designboom

lindbergh shares insightful dialogue of his thoughts on his work and photography
video © designboom

amoebic sculptures of henrique oliveira

amoebic sculptures of henrique oliveira

'ursulinens prolapse', 2012 by henrique oliviera
OK center, linz, austria
plywood , PVC, synthetic foam, pigments
15.27 x 9.07 x 3.75 m

young brazilian artist henrique oliveira has conceived a number of new works - each one articulating stronger than ever his ability
to transform three-dimensional spaces into a high-octane atmosphere of free-flowing energy. the pieces are generally characterized
by natural materials carefully arranged to construct often large-scale, organic masses -
the aesthetic in some ways referencing confronting anthropomorphic elements.

the mixed media work is not only able to be viewed, but also experienced in an acutely immersive way, with one of his latest pieces
'ursulinens prolapse' featuring a provocative, textured and highly detailed interior able to be entered - submerging the viewer into the
bowels of another world. the characteristic contours, rivulets and amoebic qualities of oliveira's work has been informed by a childhood
exposed to his father's woodworking shop - where after studying studying social media, his career choice took another turn,
deciding to 'paint' with wood - a material often used in the artist's sculptures. oliveira manages to shackle the viewer to his work,
requesting them to explore, question and most importantly - remain curious.

the interior of the large-scale artwork

the environment is composed of synthetic foam

the sculpture spills out of the center

the work often references anthropomorphic qualities

another area of the 'ursulinens prolapse' installation - fabricated from wood

'liquid reality', 2012
galeria millan, são Paulo, brazil
site specific
image © everton ballardin

image © everton ballardin

image © everton ballardin

'liquid reality', 2012
galeria millan, são Paulo, brazil
site specific
image © everton ballardin

'desnatureza', 2011

galerie vallois
image © aurélien mole

the sculpture is composed of paris

3.1 x 3.8 x 3.6 m
image © aurélien mole

image © aurélien mole

'untitled' (brushstroke), 2011

boulder museum of contemporary art
plywood and pigments

11 x 3.5 x 1 m
detail image

the work is characteristically organic

the artist intends to 'paint' with wood

citrus spray by lekue

citrus spray by lekue

'citrus spray' by joan rojeski dessiny and alberto arza for lékué

'citrus spray' is an attachment which one twists into oranges, lemons and limes to spray the juices of the fruit onto salads,
seafood and other dishes to season them, or for flavoring soft drinks and cocktails. designed by joan rojeski disseny and alberto arza
for spanish company lékué, use of the device involves cutting a small portion of the top of the fruit (slightly off centre from the stem)
about half the size of the screw portion of the sprayer, to provide an opening in which to turn the pointed threaded end downwards into its body.
once the silicone ring covers the insert area the fruit should be squeezed gently to fill the layers of the mister and the press down
on the head to release the citrus extract.

the food utensil was on show at the tendence 2012 in frankfurt and comes in two sizes to optimize the release of the juices.

up close of a lime with the 'citrus spray' attachment
image © designboom

product packaging
image © designboom

tree house bird-apartment by nendo

tree house bird-apartment by nendo

tree house 'bird-apartment' by nendo at momfuku ando centre, nagano prefecture, japan
photo by masaya yoshimura

nendo has conceived a tree house 'bird-apartment' structure which is intended for use by one person, and / or multiple birds.
developed for the momofuku ando centre - committed to promoting access to nature - in the forest of komoro city in
japan's mountainous nagano prefecture, the dwelling takes on the typical iconic house profile, divided in two.
one side features 78 nest spaces for birds, while the other has an opening for one person to enter and peer into the birds' nests
from inside the tree house.

the dwelling is supported by three trees
photo by masaya yoshimura

installation view
photo by masaya yoshimura

one side of the structure is outfitted with an amalgam of 78 bird houses
photo by daici ano

photo by masaya yoshimura

photo by daici ano

opposite the 78 bird nests is an opening for humans to climb through into the tree house
photo by daici ano

the tree house in use
photo by daici ano

interior view of the 'tree house' side which features peepholes for individuals to peer into the 'bird house' quarters
photos by daici ano

the structure is divided by a wall which features multiple peep holes for humans to look through and observe activity on the birds' side
photo by daici ano

photo by masaya yoshimura

the tree house in context

photo by masaya yoshimura

conceptual sketch

conceptual sketch