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philippe starck: axor starck organic - water saving faucet

philippe starck: axor starck organic - water saving faucet

'axor starck organic' by philippe starck for axor hansgrohe
image © designboom

designboom was in berlin for the debut of 'axor starck organic', a bathroom collection which is the result of a collaborative venture between
luxury bathroom line axor of berlin-based hansgrohe and philippe starck. taking lines from nature, the minimalist design prioritizes
sustainable water practices with low flow rates of 3.5 liters per minute. two ergonomic and intuitive handles are sustainably manufactured
for added economy. separated to remain at preferred settings, a control positioned at the top of the mixer regulates temperature while the
on/off switch is located at the end of the spout. the separating of the actions from 'normal' to 'eco' allows for users to decide if temperature
or volume needs to be changed with each action.

the spray introduces a new sensation within conventional water basins. gentle drops of water are released from 90 individual outlets
creating an efficient spread on a large surface area. merging comfort with responsible water use encourages a new and positive norm
and rates can be boosted to 5 liters per minute as necessary. the highly reflective exterior finish always mirrors a perfect image.

forty products related to all elements of the bathroom including four faucet heights and a wall mounted solution as well as exposed
or concealed-mounted shower and bathtub fixtures which use thermostatic energy. a range of accessories also compliment the collection.

'in our very first discussions about this new project, it was already clear to us, that we were aiming for a new way to use water in a responsible way',
recalls philippe grohe. starck adds: 'this collection is yet another revolution, a new cocktail of highest technology and good philosophy.'

philippe starck and philippe grohe presenting the 'axor starck organic' bathroom collection
video © designboom

philippe starck
portrait © designboom

two of the collection's faucet typologies

image © designboom

detail of the water outlets
image © designboom

90 individual countless produce countless drops of water
image © designboom

image © designboom

axor starck organic in context
image © designboom

e-werk in berlin, germany where 'axor starck organic' debuted
image © designboom

philippe starck talk about his new collection for axor

part of the 'axor starck organic' collection

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