Internet Explorer: new neon street art by aakash nihalani


new neon street art by aakash nihalani

new neon street art by aakash nihalani

new works by aakash nihalani
all images courtesy unurth street art

brooklyn-based street artist aakash nihalani is taking part in the lisa de kooning artist in residence program, expanding upon his lively three-dimensional,
neon installation-filled portfolio in east hampton, new york. in his stay, nihalani has built dynamic geometric cut-out artworks traced by a fluorescent
colored outline displayed in both natural and man-made surroundings. the minimalistic shapes typically employed by the artist include isometric rectangles,
squares and triangles pictured as simultaneously blending into and highlighting his concrete surroundings in new york city. in this art-stay, nihalani's pieces
have been imagined out of their typical context-- the precisely formed shapes are surrounded by lush greenery and reveal themselves as being well-suited
for this environment as well. 

in 'impact' the diagonal line of interlocking 3D-drawn squares seem to cut through the old structure

an additional view of 'impact'


the dimensions of each of the five closed forms in various sizes are built to be nearly identical

a line of neon steps seem to be carved upon a wall-- the space used is, in fact, a stretch of stone-paved ground

a man ascends the uneven staircase

a different perspective of the decorated courtyard's ground

someone scales a tape sculpture affixed to the concrete wall

nihalani with his work

a collection of neon bricks rest upon an existing pile of red bricks

a classic mustang is equipped with custom-made, flower-like rims by the artist

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