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citrus spray by lekue

citrus spray by lekue

'citrus spray' by joan rojeski dessiny and alberto arza for lékué

'citrus spray' is an attachment which one twists into oranges, lemons and limes to spray the juices of the fruit onto salads,
seafood and other dishes to season them, or for flavoring soft drinks and cocktails. designed by joan rojeski disseny and alberto arza
for spanish company lékué, use of the device involves cutting a small portion of the top of the fruit (slightly off centre from the stem)
about half the size of the screw portion of the sprayer, to provide an opening in which to turn the pointed threaded end downwards into its body.
once the silicone ring covers the insert area the fruit should be squeezed gently to fill the layers of the mister and the press down
on the head to release the citrus extract.

the food utensil was on show at the tendence 2012 in frankfurt and comes in two sizes to optimize the release of the juices.

up close of a lime with the 'citrus spray' attachment
image © designboom

product packaging
image © designboom

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