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olafur eliasson: your glacial expectations for kvadrat

olafur eliasson: your glacial expectations for kvadrat

'your glacial expectations' by olafur eliasson and günther vogt

'your glacial expectations' presents a series of five elliptical mirrors, representative of glacial basins, each one offering a variation on form,
but set in horizontal alignment, positioned amongst trees, shrubs and wildlife. a commissioned project by danish textile manufacturer kvadrat,
the installation was conceived by danish artist olafur eliasson, in collaboration with landscape architect günther vogt,
mirrors generate reflections of the surrounding landscape, causing a reversal of perception from what is on the outside and what lies within;
what is an untamed wilderness and serene garden expressed in the conceptualization of the landscape. on slight elevations within the site's
broad meadows are small but dense gatherings of trees, delineated in their oval form.

'I am thrilled to see 'your glacial expectations' installed. it‘s been great working with günther vogt on this project – he is one of the best
landscape architects today, with an incredible sensitivity and approach to space. the elliptical mirrors situated within the landscape
create a sense of disorientation, causing each step to be a little tentative rather than overly confident. they give pause,
creating introspection from the reflection of the celestial outside: the sky opens up beneath us; the trees, animals, our bodies,
and movements are framed in the mirrors – our surroundings are surrounded
.' - olafur eliasson

five large oval mirrors are installed throughout the meadows of kvadrat's headquarters

the mirrors offer a contrast whereby the sky appears on the ground, offering a piece of untamed wilderness

each mirror resembles a glacial basin

detail of a mirror

general installation view

installation in progress

trees have been planted in oval groupings which from a distance appears to be a well-ordered garden

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