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tauba auerbach: RGB colorspace atlas

tauba auerbach: RGB colorspace atlas

'RGB colorspace atlas' by tauba auerbach
image via brittany schall

american artist tauba auerbach presents the 8 x 8 x 8-inch hard-back cubes illustrating the RGB color scheme in a page-by-page
medium. a digital offset print on paper with airbrushed cloth cover and book edges create a colorful reference volume of all the
colors in existence. the special binding was co-designed by the artist herself in collaboration with daniel e. kelm, and were printed
at wide awake garage, an independent bookbinder, with help from leah hughes.

8x8x8 inch cubes

each book demonstrates a different RGB scheme

the pages show a frame out of a color palette

vibrant cubes opened as a book containing every color

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