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classic portrait faces on modern bodies by dorothee golz

classic portrait faces on modern bodies by dorothee golz

'the pearl earring' by dorothee golz
diasec, c-print, 188 x 140 cm

vienna-based artist dorothee golz has created a digitally painted series in which classic portraits have been reimagined as well-recognized
drawn faces visualized on modern bodies. golz's portfolio of hybrid pieces are born from her interest in historical artworks, social structure
and the conception of gender roles both the renaissance era and today. the artist repurposes elements from the original work, stripping away
the intention of the painter while infusing her own modern conception of the figures pictured.

first, the golz begins by selecting an antiquated painting possessing a photorealistic quality in the vision of the sitter's face. she then develops
a studio setting in which to picture the modern body and renaissance face in a manner which may seamlessly combine both elements in a single still.
through the use of strategic lighting and particular positioning of the body of the sitter, the artist is able to re-envision the original artwork as a modern
photographic representation. finally, the artist places the painted sitter's head upon the digital image picturing the figure of a person from today in 
post production. in this way, golz frees the painted renaissance persons from their stiff posture and conservative dress so that their facial expressions
may be more recognizable to a contemporary audience.

'girl at the window'
diasec, c-print, 110 x 83 cm

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