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bookyard - an outdoor library by massimo bartolini

bookyard - an outdoor library by massimo bartolini

'bookyard' by massimo bartolini, 2012
all images courtesy TRACK

italian artist massimo bartolini has developed an expansive outdoor public library entitled 'bookyard' for belgian art festival,
TRACK: a contemporary city conversation in ghent. bartolini has employed his creative, mixed media talents to develop a set of twelve
bookcases installed in st peter's abbey vineyard, sint-pietersplein 14, the establishment originating in the middle ages. the sweeping shape
of green shelves has been constructed upon a small grassy field, then moving up the gradual slope of st peter's abbey in line with their vines.
the units are filled with books for sale by the public libraries of ghent and antwerp with the profits of these items to benefit the institutions.
visitors to the exhibition may bring home a piece of the artwork, an object housed in the shelves of 'bookyard' by leaving a donation of their
choosing into a small box supplied by the artist and the libraries.

ghent's intervention project, TRACK, officially ends on september 16th, 2012.

'bookyard' is built in a garden, surrounded by trees and grapevines

the twelve shelves gradually rise from the lowest point, the bottom shelves built in various dimensions to accommodate this change

an additional perspective of the work

there is a small passage way around the side of the shelves, allowing an accessibility from all sides

the shelves are filled with numerous titles

visitors may enjoy 'bookyard' until september

each of the wooden units have been built in line with the vines

the shelves seem to grow from the grass

two groups enjoy the titles which fill 'bookyard'

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