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terunobu fujimori: flying mud boat

terunobu fujimori: flying mud boat
terunobu fujimori: flying mud boat
first image 'flying mud boat' by terunobu fujimori image © kazumasa onishi

famed japanese architect terunobu fujimori is widely known for his peculiar designs, usually with a surreal animated movie feel with oddly organized spaces and rickety-looking structures that would be right at home in an older tim burton film. the 'flying mud boat' traveling tea house installation is the newest addition to his repertoire of fantastical designs. simply put, an acorn-like mass blown up to human scale is suspended on tension cables over four natural wooden posts anchored into the ground, and only accessible by ladder. the concept is in itself quite dynamic, capable of being installed in any environment and any climate, and although it is only big enough for a few people, the idea could be used as a case study for the practical application on a residential scale in places where being elevated off the ground would serve as an advantage. the exterior is characterized into two halves, the top consisting of a shingle roof with curling edges as if made of aged leafs of paper, and the bottom a bowl of mud plaster painted a neutral earthen yellow. fujimoro is known to use organic raw materials in his buildings, as they offer excellent thermal properties, a natural visual aesthetic and are often times sustainably acquired and applied. the skeleton is made of a series of bi-directional laminated plywood rings, with an interior that has a plaster floor and carefully arranged cedar planks that create a comfortable contemporary ambiance.  lateral circular windows within square frames extend views out over the landscape and allow the space to be ventilated, a probable necessity after having the small stove on for a while.

suspended by the four posts image © kazumasa onishi

view from underneath image © kazumasa onishi

yellow-painted mud plaster exterior image © kazumasa onishi

ladder leads to the entrance image © kazumasa onishi

view from the structure image © kazumasa onishi

entrance image © kazumasa onishi

interior image © kazumasa onishi

small stove for heating water and a wooden table and seats on a plaster floor image © kazumasa onishi

image © kazumasa onishi

circular windows cut into square frames offering ventilation image © kazumasa onishi

view out of the window image via

can be installed in any climate and location image via

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