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andreas franke - underwater photography exhibition

andreas franke - underwater photography exhibition

'ballet master'

austrian photographer andreas franke took a diving expedition down into hulk of the artificial reef general hoyt s. vandenberg
located 100 feet below sealevel, approximately seven miles south of key west. having documented the trip and the shipwreck site,
franke digitally manipulated the images he captured to depict surreal everyday scenes from the past, taking place in the underwater locale.
the series of 12 photographs entitled 'life below the surface' can be viewed installed at the location of the sunken ship of
which the images take place.

to withstand the more than wet conditions, each piece print is encased between sheets of plexiglas encased by a stainless steel frame 
whereby a silicon seal helps deter water from entering. the artworks are attached to the ship by strong magnets which offer a
damage free removal at the end of the exhibition.

'mystified scenes of the past that play in a fictional space. dreamworlds, where you can get lost or you can identify with.
this makes new and unexpected atmosphere
.' - andreas franke








'laundry lady'



installation of the underwater exhibition

hanging one of the artworks

installation view of 'life below the surface'

a visitor enjoying the exhibition

video documenting the installation of the exhibition
video courtesy of florida keys TV

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