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act_romegialli: green box renovation in italy

'green box' by act_romegialli, cerido, italy
image © marcello mariana
all images courtesy of act_romegialli

a neglected garage on the lush slopes of the raethian alps is revisited and revitalized bringing a new meaning to the term 'green roof'. the 'green box'
by italian practice act_romegialli can be more appropriately structurally categorized not by the thin metal elements that mesh across the existing
stone columns, but by the layers of predominantly deciduous vegetation that cover the various parts of the building. the first mesh is composed of
lonicera periclymenum and polygonum baldshuanicum, creating a sturdy purlin-like support network for the lighter humulus lupulus and clematis
tangutica. the ground plane alternates groups of herbaceous annuals and perennials that ensure an even flowering all year round. the dense living
walls and canopy naturally shade the interior of the repurposed gardening pavilion with simple cooking area and a gathering space immersed in the
forest. a palette of man-made raw materials blends in with the natural; galvanized steel makes up a thin counter with integrated cooking nooks and
storage for various tools and resources, large reclaimed wood planks cover the floor meeting with low grey concrete walls that end in the original
stone columns.

image © marcello mariana

view form below the site
image © marcello mariana

vegetation completely consuming the structure
image © marcello mariana

liding wooden door opens the entry
image © marcello mariana

image © marcello mariana

image © marcello mariana

merging faucet head
image © marcello mariana

image © marcello mariana

integration of concrete walls, stone columns, and metal fixtures site on wooden floors
image © marcello mariana

original structure
image © marcello mariana

floor plan / level 0





project info:

location: cerido so – italy
typology: pavillion for gardening and conviviality
design: act_romegialli : gianmatteo romegialli, angela maria romegialli, erika gaggia
landscape: gheo clavarino
client: private
charge: 2010
completion of work: 2011
photo: marcello mariana

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